The story behind Quintaum

Our story is hidden in Quintaum name. The word “quintessential” represents the most perfect, the superior. The term “AUM” refers to the “Assets Under Management” in finance and in Hindu “AUM” represents the sound of infinitive and of the entire Universe. To reach this state you need to balance Earth, Air, Fire and Water and a putative fifth element – “quinta essentia”, that was believed to be superior, and so, “quintessential.”

In other words, Quintaum means that the superior, the best, the quintessential asset of all and any organizations, communities and nations are – The People.

Therefore, we invite you to increase the awareness of your Life Pulses and to take back the control of your life!

Our Story

We exist to help every individual live a better life and to allow managers to build successful and resilient companies with better workplace cultures for their teams. We accomplish this by providing a diagnostic tool and a people analytics GPS to navigate highly competitive, dynamic and uncertain times.

Quintaum provides the resources to dive deep into the minds of individual team members, understand their needs and frustrations, and promotes well-being. By functioning as a targeted engagement process, Quintaum allows people to be understood and resilient teams to be built.

Utilizing the power of human connection to truly understand the people we’re speaking to.

A more authentic picture of who each individual is, what they need, and how to best utilize their talents for the betterment of their own lives and the company they work for.

Shaping Teams

Quintaum has been tested across the world in dozens of companies and corporate cultures and used to address everything from talent attraction, engagement, and retainment, to enhancing employee satisfaction and culture building. This unique level of stringent testing and development has led to the accumulation of vital signals and pulses which allow any organization to be powered by data. When this is combined with management evaluations, quantification of blindspots and intuitive graphic representations, Quintaum gives every business the key coordinates for creating a brighter future.

While you can use Quintaum in a variety of different ways, we like to keep things simple. It’s why we think of it as a tool for assessing how your team is equipped to shape the future for years to come.

More Than a Name

Quintaum is more than just an employee assessment tool, or an engagement questionnaire — it’s a powerful diagnostic that covers the professional and personal signals and pulses to create a complete picture.

By combining “Quintessential” with “Assets Under Management” (AUM), we’ve created a tool that focuses on the quintessential pieces of any organization: people. They’re the ones who make progress, make things happen, and drive change. AUM also means OM, the Hindu world for Universe and a unique healing frequency, making everything possible.